Five Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About Paige



It wasn’t always her house

With that being said, when she first came to WWE, she made it her house and made it entertaining every step of the way. Of course Paige is as known for her problems outside the ring as she is for her brillance inside of it, but WWE probably wants you to forget about all that now that she is the leader of Abosolution and the company needs fans to take her seriously.

Unfortunately for WWE, the bad moments in her career still exist and most of them are on the internet for the world to see. Here are five example of what im talking about. Keep in mind that these in no way make Paige a bad person, these are just things that WWE would rather have erased from the collective memories of The WWE Universe. Or who knows, maybe they’ll bring it up as a running joke like they did with Katie Vick.


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