Five Things That Prove The France Family Wants To Sell NASCAR

#3 Sponsorship loss

Monster Energy has announced that they will not be resigning with NASCAR after the 2019 season, which means that the sport will once again be looking for a new primary sponsor for the second time in only a few years. Not only does this affect NASCAR massively from a money standpoint, it also hurts the marketing potential it has moving forward.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, potential sponsors are going to be attracted to their failing business model, sagging ratings, lower attendance and overall fan disinterest. This means that NASCAR is going to have to make money elsewhere and with the sport still locked into long term deals with Fox Sports and NBC Sports to air races, they can’t recuperate their lossesĀ  there.

With that being said and things getting worse and worse by the year, the only option The France family really has less to make back the money they are losing is to sell a majority of the sport to someone else and cut their loses. Not only does that get the burden of the sport off their shoulders it also could give it a chance to thrive again if the right changes are made.

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