Five Things That Prove NASCAR Doesn’t Care About The Fans Anymore

#1 The Playoffs.

The newest  edition of The NASCAR playoffs might have three rounds, ten races, 12 eliminations and a shootout for the Championship at Homestead Miami, but none of that is what NASCAR fans are looking for in a postseason. In fact, and i don’t necessarily agree with this idea either, NASCAR fans want to go back to when there were no actual playoffs. Or at least before their was the over hyped mess that is the current model of the playoffs.

While the old format does seem a little anti climatic, especially since it allows drivers to break out at the begginig  of the season and take a commanding lead over the rest of the field, it has also produced Champions several weeks ahead of championship weekend on multiple occasions. With that being said, NASCAR fans are stick stuck in their ways on this one.

And that’s why NASCAR should care about this and try to bring the Cup Series back to its former glory. Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, the sport and its officials are too caught up in this shiny new version that has more artificial excitement paced into the final ten races of the year then they ever bothered to put into the 26 race regular season.

In the end, NASCAR not trying to at least compromise with its fans in some way shape or form, proves that NASCAR doesn’t care about their fans anymore. Furthermore, it proves that older and more traditionalist minded fans are always going to take a backseat to the newer and younger fans of the future.

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