Five Things That Prove NASCAR Doesn’t Care About The Fans Anymore

#2 The overtime rule

Its 2018 and NASCAR still doesn’t have a viable overtime rule to follow. Sure, NASCAR has changed the overtime formula a dozen or so times since its inception, but none of them seem to be what NASCAR fans are looking for when it comes to what an overtime period should be. Not only that, the two lap shootout to determine the winner is still bogged down with half baked rules and not enough time to really get things going.

In the end, NASCAR needs to at least give the drivers five laps to fight for the win, especially since it takes at least two laps for cars to get up to speed at most tracks, and maybe even take away the rule that allows a race to be official if the leader crosses the start finish line on the white flag lap if they want to make up for the years of gruelingly awful restarts.

NASCAR fans deserve better!

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