Five Things That Prove NASCAR Doesn’t Care About The Fans Anymore

#3 Not broadcasting races on main networks.

While a lot of the 36 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series races do take place on either Fox Sports or NBC, the sport has also started to relegate some of their key races of the season to NBCSN and Fox Sports one. The problem with his however is that not everyone can get those channels, which leaves them in the dark when it comes to some of the biggest races of the season.

Not only that, it also leaves the in the dark when it comes to the ever encompassing playoff picture and forces them to get their information by other means. In the end, its understandable that NASCAR would want to cash in and take any money they can get as they watch their the ultimate downfall of their sport unfold, but at least give fans that cant shell out the necessary money to watch the race some other options!

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