Five Things That Prove NASCAR Doesn’t Care About The Fans Anymore

#4 Not penalizing Denny Hamlin for Martinsville Incident

Regardless of how you feel about the incident that cost Chase Elliott a spot in the final four and his first Cup Series win, his hard to argue that Denny Hamlin deserved to be penalized for the incident. Sure, some might just defend Hamlin and say that it was just hard racing at the end, but Hamlin took it a step further by intentionally wrecking Elliott in the closing laps to try to win the race.

Instead of listen to their fan base and right the wrong however, NASCAR decided to just let the boys have at it and didn’t penalize Hamlin for the incident. Of course they didn’t do anything when Elliott cost Hamlin a spot in the final four at Phoenix less then a month later, but only because they would have looked like idiots for doing so after not penalizing Hamlin at Martinsville.

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