Five Things That Prove NASCAR Doesn’t Care About The Fans Anymore

#5 Moving The Clash to the day time.

In what has to be the dumbest idea NASCAR has had in a while, they decided to move The Clash, which is the opening exhibition race of the year, to the day time. Not only that, the race will now happen on Sunday instead of its usual Saturday night. Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, that is going to force many of them to not be able to go to the race because they will have work the next day.

Even worse, the race will happen during the day, which is only going to detract from the excitement that the race is known for and kill any momentum this season could have had going for it in the opening days. In the end, hopefully this is a one off and NASCAR has the good sense to correct this little issue in the future, but its not really going to be a good way to start the season like this.

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