Five Things NASCAR On Fox Needs To Change In 2018

#1 New announce team

Why is this number one? Lets start out with the fact that like any other sport, the commentators and announcers are essentially one of the most vital parts of the whole operation. If nothing else, they are the personalities that we as fans get invested into and look forward to seeing and hearing every week when we tun in for the race. With that being said and NASCAR now in a new and confusing era, its about time NASCAR got a new face lift.

Unfortunately for guys like Larry McReyonds, Darrell Waltrip and Mike Joy, they honestly need to be replaced with younger and more middle of the road faces that can catapult the sport into the future. Jeff Gordon is only two years into his tenure as a commentator for Fox and definitely has evolved into a crucial part of the broadcast during that time, but NASCAR on Fox needs a fresh start everywhere else.

This probably goes back to what i was talking about earlier with the southern vibe thing, but if NASCAR wants new fans to come ot the sport in droves and spend their money on it, they need to come into the 21st century and find an announce team that reflects that. No more Booogity Boogity lets go racing boys, no more bro country openers for longtime fans to jam along to and no more shots of the infield showing rebels flags.

The sport needs to evolve and embrace a new era and while the likes of Waltrip, and McReynolds will definitely be missed, especially given their history in the sport, its time to move on and find greener pastures. Either that, or just watch the sport drift further and further into obscurity.

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