Five Things NASCAR On Fox Needs To Change In 2018

#3 Shorter prerace show

While longtime fans will sit in front of the television for hours to watch pre -race commentary, its harder for newer fans to get behind and could sour them on the experience completely. Of course NASCAR on Fox can always devote a short half hour segment to pre race discussions, interviews and statistics, but to expect fans that are giving the sport a first look to sit through a two to three hour pre race show is freaking ridiculous.

If nothing else, these new fans don’t care who Chase Elliott or Kyle Larson is, they don’t want to here the 500 or so stats that Darrel Waltrip will throw at television viewers throughout the show, they want to see 40 cars battling it out for a victory! In the end, NASCAR on Fox and even NASCAR on NBC would greatly benefit from cutting down their pre show coverage just getting the boys out there and racing.

In fact, NASCAR could probably program many of their pre-race elements into the race itself to create a more fast paced and interactive experience for fans. For example, NASCAR is already able to do interviews with drivers over the radio during cautions and red flag situations, which would probably be a much better time to interview the sports stars then at the beginning of a race.

NASCAR on Fox also has race breaks, which if used effectively during the race, could keep the longtime fan informed and also not be too boring for the casual fan. Not only that, it also cuts down on the need to really have a pre show at all. In the end, its up to NASCAR on Fox to determine what to do here, but they could probably keep casual fans interested a lot longer if they didn’t have such cumbersome pre race coverage.

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