Five Things NASCAR Needs To Stop Doing Right Now!

Is this a move NASCAR should make?
Lesley-Ann Miller / LAT
2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup
Round 27 – Chicago, Illinois, USA
13 September 2013
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NASCAR is one of those sports that will probably never be perfect in the eyes of its fans.

While some fans would probably be happy with just going back to the old points system and eliminating stage racing, newer fans are all in on the gimmicks and believe that this is the only way to turn NASCAR into a mainstream sport. Whether that the older or newer fans are correct in their assessment on how to save the sport is inconsequential, what is important however is the other things that NASCAR can change in order to increase view ability.

With that being said and NASCAR having trouble immersing both younger and older fans into the overall product, here are five things NASCAR needs to stop doing right now in order to help fans feel more comfortable with the sport. Please keep in mind that some of these entries will be from a progressive perspective and may clash with both your religious and political beliefs.

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