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Five Things NASCAR Must Stop Allowing Drivers To Do In 2019

#1 Allowing drivers to pass on pit stalls for teammates

Denny Hamlin passing on the first pit stall at Miami and giving it to Kyle Busch was a smart move by JGR, but it also gave him a unfair advantage over the rest of the final four drivers. Of course things didn’t end up playing out that way and Kyle Busch wasn’t able to capitalize on pit selection by winning the race, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t in the future. With that in mind, NASCAR needs to end this team orders nonsense as soon as possible and not allow drivers to pass on pit stalls in order to give it to a teammate.

In the end, what JGR did was a huge black mark on the sport and really hurt the legitimacy and competitiveness of championship weekend. Beyond that, it sent some fans into a frenzy that will result in most of them leaving the sport. Not only will that hurt NASCAR when The Daytona 500 rolls around in Febaury. It also errodes other fans confidence in the sport as well

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