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Five Things NASCAR Must Stop Allowing Drivers To Do In 2019

#2 Cause multiple wrecks

There’s a lot of pressure to perform in NASCAR and while that sometimes propels drivers to great heights it also can cause a driver to be overly aggressive and ruin several other driver’s day. Take for example the 2018 Coke Zero Sugar 400, where Ricky Stenhouse caused multiple wrecks in hopes of nabbing his first win of the season. Not only did Stenhouse ruin the race for a lot of drivers, it also left then 20 cars on the track when all was said and done, which was a less then thrilling end to the race.

With that being said, NASCAR needs to go back to a three strike rule and take a driver out of the race after the third strike. While some might see this as unnecessary policing on NASCAR’s part, it at least stops a driver from ruining everyone else’s day and keeps things safe in the process. If nothing else, an overly aggressive driver does not need to be on the track, especially after multiple run ins with other drivers, which is why this is something NASCAR needs to work on!

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