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Five Things NASCAR Must Stop Allowing Drivers To Do In 2019

#3 Letting teams compete after being caught cheating

Interestingly enough, NASCAR has talked about taking away wins from drivers that are caught cheating, but the sport needs to go a step further in their effort to deter fans from cheating. That’s why NASCAR needs to look at outright parking teams that are caught with illegal car modifications and maybe even eliminating them from playoff contention.  At least that way, the playoff field can be filled with people that don’t cheat and those that do ruin their chances of winning a championship that year.

Of course NASCAR fans might think that would be a little too severe of a punishment, but what would any other sport do in this kind of situation? In the end, NASCAR allowing Kevin Harvick to compete in the final four after his team was caught with an illegal spoiler really tainted his championship bid and make the sport look like a joke in the process. Beyond that, it also showed that NASCAR isn’t deterring anyone from cheating with the rules in its current form, which is why they need to amp up the punishments for offending drivers

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