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Five Things NASCAR Must Stop Allowing Drivers To Do In 2019

#4 single file racing at Super speedway’s

While single file racing at a restrictor plate track gives the lead drivers a huge advantage over those behind them, it also becomes uninteresting for fans to watch. What makes the situation worse however is how long drivers are willing to do this for, which only makes it that much more boring to watch. WIth that being said and NASCAR already ruling a couple years ago that drivers can’t push each other into the corner, why not make more changes and not allow drivers to race single file?

At least that way fans get to see what they paid for and it gives the drivers in the back of the pack a chance to work their way back up to the front. It will also force more blocking,  more pack racing and more passing, which are all things that the current races at restrictor plates are missing. Of course some fans might see it as NASCAR pumping artificial excitement into the race, but it honestly needs it now if the drivers aren’t going to provide any for the fans themselves.

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