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Five Things NASCAR Must Stop Allowing Drivers To Do In 2019

#5 Threatening to take each other out during a race

Safety and legitimacy is supposed to be of up most importance to NASCAR, but its hard to believe that when they allow drivers to threaten to take  each other out. While NASCAR shouldn’t penalize drivers or even fine them for this action, they need to have a talk with them after statements like that are made. Furthermore, NASCAR needs to make the effort to clear the air between the drivers and make sure there is no bad blood heading into the following weekend.

If there is still bad blood however, NASCAR needs to park the offending car on the spot to make it perfectly clear that the actions will not be tolerated. Of course NASCAR has done a great job of making clear that the sport will not tolerate this kind of behavior, but they mostly do so after the fact. Think about it, when Matt Kenseth cost Joey Logano the Martinsville race in 2016, NASCAR only punished Kenseth after the fact even though he made several statements about returning the favor.

In the end, NASCAR needs to draw the line in the sand immediately and not wait until someone’s championship is already ruined.

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