Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch Brad Keseowski

Five Things NASCAR Must Stop Allowing Drivers To Do In 2019

Kyle Busch, Kyle Busch Brad Keseowski


Let’s be honest here.

There’s a lot of grey area’s in The NASCAR rule book and while that does make for some very interesting scenarios during the season it also makes for some of the most screwy racing that fans have ever seen. In fact, these little grey areas are being used more and more, which is not only hurting the legitimacy of the sport, but also angering fans in the meantime. With that being said and the 2018 season finally in the rear view mirror, there are a lot of rules NASCAR needs to take a look at.

From team orders allowing Denny Hamlin to pass the first pitstall to Kyle Busch to the rule that allows a driver to intentionally slow pit to get the inside line at a short track, NASCAR needs to close these grey areas once and for all. If not, they risk further alienating their core base and further deligitmizing the sport in ways that will ensure long term failure. In the end, here is exactly what NASCAR needs to improve on if they want fans to come back for the 2018 season and beyond.

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