Five Things NASCAR Must Do To Make Racing More Competitive

#1 More short tracks

Let’s be honest here.

Nothing is more competitive then a good old short track race and that is exactly the kind of mindset NASCAR needs to go into the future with. Some NASCAR driversĀ  have even said they enjoy short track racing the most and would love it if officials considered bringing more short tracks onto the schedule.

WIth that being said, NASCARĀ  could give Cup Series dates to Mansfied, Gateway Speedway and Iowa speedway to make freshen up the short track scene a bit. NASCAR could also switch some short track dates around, which could allow NASCAR to take The Martinsville race out of the playoffs and change to Bristol instead.

In the end, there are a lot of short tracks NASCAR can go to if they want to fill this role and doing so would probably help them bring back a lot of older fans. Beyond that however, it will also create more impassioned racing between drivers and also create a more interesting on track product for fans.





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