Five Things NASCAR Must Do To Make Racing More Competitive


Its competition that NASCAR fans want and while officials have unveiled a new rules package, one has to wonder if the sport is going in the right direction when trying to solve this problem. In fact, why isn’t NASCAR taking swings at things like their formats, their point systems and their playoffs? At least that would help create a NASCAR that everyone can enjoy!

With that being said, NASCAR’s attempt to make things more competitive is a good start and should no doubt be applauded, but don’t fans want things to go deeper than this? Furthermore, don’t fans want to see the sport finally perfect things like their playoff system, points standings and segment racing?

In the end, if NASCAR wants to improve their on track product a crucial part of that is working on the formats as well. While some will argue that this is only going to make things worse and force more fans to leave the sport, that might not exactly be the case if NASCAR works within what they already have and make subtle improvements.

Here are five such changes NASCAR should make to create better competition during races.

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