Five Things NASCAR Fans Need To Stop Complaining About

#2  Kyle Busch

Its no secret that a lot of NASCAR fans have a deep seeded hate for Kyle Busch and while that has died down over time, it is still very prevalent today. The only problem with this is that the same fans who absolutely hate Kyle Busch and everything he stands for also sit and worship Dale Earnhardt.

With that being said, this comparison isn’t as far off as people might think it is. In fact, both drivers were arrogant, both drivers were aggressive on the track and both have a unquestionable streak of dominance. If nothing else, these two are one in the same.

In the end, Kyle Busch is the kind of character that NASCAR needs. Someone that is capable of coming up with one liners and catching fans on their toes in the process. Yes, he whines like a bratty five year old that wants an expensive toy, but he backs up his talk on the track with a stellar record.

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