Five Things NASCAR Fans Need To Stop Complaining About

#4 stage racing

Let’s be hoenst here

Stage racing isn’t the greatest thing that NASCAR ever came up with and its obvious that some changes need to be made before it becomes a permanent part of the sport. With that being said however, the stage points and playoff points act as an equalizer come playoff time.

Not only do these points accumulate and allow top drivers a chance to still make it to the next round of the playoffs if they have a bad race, its also something that makes each and every race meaningful. If nothing else, all NASCAR needs to do is shorten the segments a bit and they might be on to something.

In the end, yes it isn’t the racing that we are all used to, but it definitely  serves a purpose and acts as a balance for drivers that had a good regular season, but struggled in the playoffs. It is also a way to bunch up the field multiple times during a race, which is always a good idea!

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