Five Things NASCAR Fans Need To Know About Brian France’s Arrest

#1 The future of the sport.

Where does NASCAR go from here?

The problem with people that ask this question is that they for one reason or another believe that Brian France Jr is an intricate part of the sport. While that might have been true at the beginning of his run as CEO, it seems to no longer be the case, which begs the question of whether this changes anything or not.

NASCAR already announced that Bill France Jr would be taking over as CEO for now and maybe there will be another more permanent solution in the future. With that being said, Bill France Jr is cited in his Wikipedia page to be a former ISC president a member of the board of directors and a close associate to Brian France Jr himself.

If nothing else, that means that NASCAR is arguably in the same hands it was before the arrest happened on Sunday. In fact, it seems like Brian France Jr had checked out of the CEO job along time ago, which means that Bill France Jr or someone else has had a bigger hand in running things behind the scenes.

In the end, Brian France Jr didn’t care about NASCAR. he has proved that time and time again by not showing up to the track and by looking like he would rather be anywhere else when he does. He proved it at The 2017 awards ceremony when he slighted Martin Truex Jr and he has no doubt proved it by all the horrible decisions he has made.

He didn’t care. He’s doesn’t care now and he is never going to care. In fact, him taking a leave of absence is probably the excuse he desperately needed in order to get away from the current disaster that is NASCAR. Now that’s not to say things can’t be turned around and made successful again, but Brian France Jr didn’t care about any of that!





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