Five Things NASCAR Fans Need To Know About Brian France’s Arrest

#2 Conspiracy theories.

Whether you want to believe this part is up to you and is probably going to be dependent on what your opinion on Brian France Jr is. With that being said, some fans and media pundits now believe that France Jr was intoxicated during The 2017 NASCAR awards ceremony and that’s why it looked like he was ignoring Martin Truex Jr when handing him the championship.

In the end, its again up to what you believe to be true in this case, but all the ingredients are definitely there for this to be true. For example, the DUI proved that France Jr could have a drinking problem and that he might also have a pill addiction as well.

If that is the case, it is perfectly reasonable that he could have been wasted at the awards ceremony and unable or unwilling to perform his duties in a respectful manner. Either way, its not like that moment is going to matter now, especially since France Jr will likely surrender his position for good in the coming months, but its nice to know where his head was at.

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