Five Things NASCAR Fans Need To Know About Brian France’s Arrest

#3 NASCAR’s response.

NASCAR officials were quick to mitigate the damage done by Brian France Jr’s untimely arrest and responded by announcing that France Jr would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the sport. It was also announced that Jim France, Brian France Senior’s son and Brian France Jr’s uncle would be taking over during the absence.

Brian France Jr released the following statement regarding the incident

“I apologize to our fans, our industry and my family for the impact of my actions last night. Effective immediately, I will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from my position to focus on my personal affairs.”

Brian France Jr took over as NASCAR CEO in 2003, but his effects were felt even before then when announced the ban of racing to the line under cautions. This forced some races to end under yellow the invention of The overtime rule, which finally gave NASCAR multiple chances to finish a race under green flag conditions.

Brian France Jr was also an intricate part in securing both a deal with ESPN to air the inaugural season for the NASCAR chase and later in securing a deal with NBC to air the second half of the NASCAR season in 2016. Despite these positive contributions to the sport, Brian France Jr is seen as very hands off and disengaged with the sport.

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