Five Things NASCAR Did In 2017 That They Should Be ashamed of And Five Things They Should Be Proud Of

Ashamed Of: Taking Matt Kenseth out The Playoffs.

Rules are rules. With that said there are certain times in life where a ridiculous rule shouldn’t matter and it shouldn’t cost a top tier competitor out of a championship. Unfortunately for Matt Kenseth, who was pursuing the second championship in what might be the final year of his career, an untimely accident and too many men over the wall during a pit stop forced NASCAR to automatically park him.

The move was baffling, especially since it seemed like such a small matter. Yes, it was a rule and NASCAR does have a history of not following those rules, but this actually seems like something NASCAR should actually be ashamed of. Not only did it cost a fan favorite a chance in The Final four, it did so in the most murky of circumstances, which had to be a slap in the face to fans during his retirement tour.

Maybe no one else will see it this way, but this is really one of those things that NASCAR should have bent the rules on. They didn’t though and now they are always going to have that little mark in their history book for this little blunder.

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