Five Things NASCAR Did In 2017 That They Should Be ashamed of And Five Things They Should Be Proud Of

Proud of: Standing its ground on politics.

It probably wont win NASCARĀ  many fans of the liberal persuasion, but NASCAR continued to stand its ground this season after a political mine field made it almost impossible to do so. It all started last season when Chase Elliott and several other key drivers were spotted at a Trump rally and of course everyone went nuts when they found out that the people that like watching cars go in circles, southern accents and a cold beer, are Republicans.

No duh! Of course they are! I thought NASCAR fans made that statement clear when they continued to fly The Rebel flag after the controversial church shooting in North Carolina that took the life of several parishioners. Not that i exactly agree with flying a Rebel Flag, but you would thin that the general would probably already know the sports stance.

Or maybe they just think NASCAR disappearsĀ  when they don’t think about and just comes back again and again when they do something wrong. Whatever the thinking is, NASCAR continued that way of thinking when they took Donald Trump’s side when it came to The National Anthem protest. Well, almost everyone did, but Dale Earnhardt Jr decided to give his own stance and NASCAR should be very proud for not bowing to Trump over it.

While that would have included punishing NASCAR most popular driver and insulting a fan base past repair, it was very smart on NASCAR’s part to do this.

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