Five Things NASCAR Did In 2017 That They Should Be ashamed of And Five Things They Should Be Proud Of

Proud of: Not freaking out over Danica Patrick.

The Danica Patrick experiment in NASCAR is finally almost over and while it is easy to admit she paved the way for future females to mix up with the boys in the sport, she did little then earn a participation ribbon along the way. Sure, there was The Daytona 500 pole and the top-ten finish in The Great American race, but there was also disappointment after disappointment after that.

And thank god NASCAR decided not to make a big fuss out of Danica Patrick’s retirement. Of course Dale Earnhardt Jr’s retirement tour probably would have overshadowed anything this season there weren’t very many reasons to praise Patrick’s performance in the first play. With that being said, hopefully this is a testament to how NASCAR can actually not get fanatical about a star from the sports past.

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