Five Things NASCAR Did In 2017 That They Should Be ashamed of And Five Things They Should Be Proud Of

Ashamed: Favoritism of Chase Elliott.

Unfortunately for anyone¬† that wasn’t a Chase Elliott fan, their favorite driver usually played a secondary role when it came to publicity. Of course a lot of that has to do with Chase Elliott being a second generation driver and a pretty phenomenal wheel man as well. With that in mind, NASCAR needs to admit to itself that Chase Elliott alone isn’t going to save the sport of NASCAR and focus on building several different stars.

Its a numbers game and NASCAR need not  look any further then the last 17 years and their blatant favoritism of Dale Earnhardt Jr to see that they cant continue to leave the sport in such a desperate state. In fact, its pretty safe to say that with the exception of Kyle Busch, Chase Elliott and maybe William Byron, NASCAR is theoretically going on life support during this off season.

In the end though, only they can choose to bring life back to this sport.

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