Five Things NASCAR Did In 2017 That They Should Be ashamed of And Five Things They Should Be Proud Of

Proud of: Not making it all about Dale Jr

While it probably killed NASCAR to watch their golden boy retire after years of helping the sport stay popular, they ultimately had to watch the inevitable demise of one of the sports most promising talents. Of course the really unfortunate part was that NASCAR couldn’t really promote many of their golden boys accomplishments this season and had to rely on words off the track to keep fans interested.

With that being said, NASCAR did a good job of keeping The Dale Earnhardt Jr retirement tour at a minimum and focusing on the drivers that were fighting for a championship. Sure, it wasn’t perfect and tracks like Talladega, Texas and Martinsville played host to massive Dale JR retirement memorials, but when it was time for The Elite Eight to start, they got down to business.

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And good for them for finally realizing that they have to do that in order keep fans coming back and selling them on young and unproven names in the process.. Hopefully its enough to keep some fans in their seats next year, but NASCAR is eventually going to need to address their favoritism towards certain driver. Speaking of that, our next subject is Chase Elliott.

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