Five Things NASCAR Did In 2017 That They Should Be ashamed of And Five Things They Should Be Proud Of

Ashamed of: All the changes.

NASCAR might be taking two steps forward, but they then constantly take three steps back. Take NASCAR abruptly changing the overtime line rule during the season, which while it was probably was a god send to some fans, it showed that NASCAR was once again inconsistent. Think about it! Other sports don’t make changes like this in the middle of the season. In fact the move shouldn’t have been made to start with.

Not only that, they also announced stage racing during the off season, which while seemed like a shiny new toy that fans could get behind, it also did nothing to create exciting racing. If NASCAR wanted a rule to take away, they should have taken away this one instead. With that in mind, the segments were just plain grueling to watch at times, especially when it came to the final segment of the race.

In the end, NASCAR is risking too much by rolling out these shiny new toys that don’t really resonate well with main strem audience, it is also pissing of several die hard fans as well.

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