Five Things NASCAR Desperately Wants You To Forget About The Sport

Nigel Kinrade/LAT Images
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NASCAR is a very unique sport.

Of course a lot of that has to do with the fact that its more of a mix of man versus machine and how the sport has the ability to put fans inches from the action as they watch it also has gained a monumental reputation forĀ  mind numbing decision making andĀ  blunders . In fact, when NASCAR does end up making main stream news on rare occasions, its almost always due to something they did wrong or some crazy wreck that decimated the car into pieces.

With that being said, were going to count down the top-five moments that NASCAR Should be most embarrassed about and dive into the sports darker history. Some of our picks might make you laugh a little and others might make you question your fandom of the sport entirely, but we hope you walk away from this little list with a better understanding of just how bad NASCAR’s decison making can be.

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