Five Things Fans Need To Know About Kevin Harvick Cheating At Las Vegas

Various Fan reactions

While one would think that NASCAR fans would be upset about the possibility of cheating in The Cup Series, others are actually upset with NASCAR on Fox and other media outlets for covering what happened. In fact, one fan named Mark Thompson on thinks it isn’t the media’s place to point this stuff out.

It seams to me that again FOX Broadcasting has made themselves a governing body for NASCAR. Your reporters in the booth are bad enough ( Waltrips ) favoring Toyota’s during the race. They should be more like the others. Darell has a problem talking over Jeff quite often. Maybe you should stick to showing the race and let NASCAR deal with what they are supposed to do. The cars have to pass several pre race inspections and a post race inspections. If you want to stir the bucket, maybe you should look at who owns Toyota and where the foreign car parts are manufactured and not just assembled. You may also want to report where the money goes once a Toyota is sold.
As for the Chevy SS, who’s is an Australian made car that the parts had to be imported to make the NASCAR body. At least Chevy had the smarts to bring the production of the Cameros back to the states before it being presented to NASCAR. Or maybe you should stick to showing the race on T.V.

“Very common for Late Model racing series, the rear plexiglass and fiberglass roof will flex down big time. And it is definitely a down force thing,” said another fan.

Fake news,how come when their is a Toyota pace car they announce it multiple times,when it’s a Ford or Chevy silence, Fox stop being a shill for Toyota,isn’t that conflict of interest,” said yet another fan.

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