Five Things Fans Need To Know About Kevin Harvick Cheating At Las Vegas

Former drivers give their thoughts on the story

NASCAR America’s Dale Jarrett Dale Jr and Kyle Petty spoke about the incident on Monday’s edition of their show, and all had some interesting words about what took place. What made their commentary even more interesting was the fact that Kyle Petty talked about how the drivers shouldn’t snitch on each other and just find a way to give them an advantage too

“When Dale (Jarrett) and I raced … I would look at his car. If he was doing something, I’m not going to turn him in, I’m not going to put it on social media, I’m going to do it to my car so I can go out there and try to run as good as Dale Jarrett runs.

Kyle Petty even defended Crew Chief, Rodney Childers, on the matter, which is going to look very stupid if NASCAR actually decides to punish the team for the incident. Unfortunately for Harvick and his team, this would mean that while he would go down in the record books as the official winner of the race, he would forfeit the playoff points that gained him.

“It’s a different time now with so many cameras, Kyle Petty continued, ” with so many people out there. Having said that, if anybody watching NASCAR America or in NASCAR believes that Rodney Childers is that big of an idiot to do something that he can’t get back, that he’s going to go out and just blatantly throw it out there in front of people, that’s not Rodney Childers. Rodney Childers is above board, a great guy, has integrity. The way he looks at it, he wants to go outrun you heads up.’’

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