Five Things Fans Need To Know About Kevin Harvick Cheating At Las Vegas

Speculation on the adjustment.

There have been a lot of angles to this story and one of the biggest one remains how exactly Kevin Harvick and his team were able to pull off the adjustment without being caught by NASCAR. Some fans and pundits are pointing to the new laser inspection system implemented by NASCAR at the begging of the season, which would seemingly catch a problem like this.

As for how it might have given Harvick an advantage remains unclear, but some believe it was areodynamic in nature. According to an article from,”The buckling took place at the very last bits of each straight-away at maximum aero downforce. Would pushing down the rear window allow him to go faster in a straight line toward the end of the long straights? I don’t know. Perhaps, though I would think that by trying that you would cause a side effect of more drag from air hitting the rear spoiler.”

With that in mind, penalties are usually announced on Wednesday of each week and it will be interesting to see if any penalties are announced against Harvick and his team. If nothing else, the possible penalty that could be incurred from such an offense could completely shake up the game for The Cup Series garage and might take away Ford’s advantage as well.

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