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Five Reasons The 2018 NASCAR Season Is Already A Complete Disaster

The 2018 NASCAR season is already a disaster

The 2018 NASCAR season is already a disaster.

While most people might wonder how anyone can come to a conclusion like that only a few races into the 2018 NASCARĀ  season, especially since one of those races featured the #3 car going back to victory lane at Daytona for the first time in 20 years, there have been a lot of bad things that have happened to the sport that far outweighs the positivenessĀ  of that moment.

NASCAR is already on a downward slope early on in the 2018 season and one has to wonder why exactly that isĀ  With that being said and a month of the season already in the books Here are five reasons that believes that the 2018 season is already a disaster and we think you’ll agree too once you take a look at the list.

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