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Five Reasons Why NASCAR Fans Shouldn’t Give Up On The Sport

Kyle Busch’s personality.

You probably think i’m joking right?

Unfortunately for Kyle Busch haters, i’m really not, and the controversial Joe Gibbs Racing driver is actually one of the larger then life personalities driving the sport right now. Not only is that evident by his say whats on his mind philosophy whenever a microphone is in front of his face, but also by just how much he engages with his audience.

Go ahead! Go look at Kyle Busch’s twitter right now and you will see multiple engagements with fans on a weekly basis. He even has been known to take time out after race day to to answer questions for his twitter followers, which is one of the reasons why Busch is so crucial to the future of the sport.

In the end, whether you like it or not, this veteran driver is as talented as they come and he honestly has a charisma about him that draw NASCAR fans to him. Of course not all of that attraction is positive, especially with the amount of trash people talk about the former Cup Series champion, but he is at least always getting noticed.

With that being said, Kyle Busch makes NASCAR a lot more interesting and a lot more fun to watch! 

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