Five Reasons Why Dale Jr Is Doomed To Fail At NBC

#1 Dale Jr controversies.

Whether NASCAR fans want to admit it or not, a lot of of controversy has followed Dale Jr over the past couple of years, which means he is going to have to watch what he says when he gets into the broadcast booth. While Jr is sometimes good at towing the company line and should be commended for doing so, he has been known to get political at times and that’s not something fans are going to want.

In the end, Jr has said everything from drivers having the right to sit down during the anthem to calling out drivers he disagrees with, which is going to make him into a story more then he needs to be. Maybe Jr will slowly learn to keep his mouth shut as time goes on, but if he fails to do so, and a big controversy strikes, expect fans to leave by the boatload before its all over.





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