Five Reasons Why Chase Elliott Is The Biggest Bust In NASCAR History

#3 Failure to garner publicity

Although NASCAR might see Chase Elliott as the future of the sport, he has failed to garner the sport the same level of publicity and fan support that Dale Earnhardt Jr has. Not only is that extremely bad news for a sport that struggling to make new stars right now due to the onslaught of veteran drivers tearing it up, but also gives serious doubt to whether Elliott can do it in the future or not.

Of course some might see this as a cheap shot on NASCAR’s new favorite, but if you look at drivers gaining publicity on a weekly basis, you’ll see that Elliott is not among the news makers. In fact, Elliott is more often talked about for his lack of ability to gain his first win at NASCAR’s top level then he is for doing something that was actually notable.

In the end, this isn’t good for NASCAR at all, especially if they continue to put all their eggs in one basket and could hurt the sport further if everyone isn’t careful moving forward.

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