Five Reasons People Believe Dale Earnhardt Faked His Death In 2001

#3 allegedly spotted after the fatal incident

According to a user on back in 2008 “Two days ago, I was in a Flying J truckstop, in Austin Texas. I saw Dale Earnhardt gassing up a motorhome! I swear it was him! I tried to approach him, but he pulled his hood of jacket over his head, and bolted into RV. He sped out of the parking lot with his headlites off. Several other people saw him too. The clerk reviewed CCTV tape, and she agreed with me, as did a Texas trooper. Has anyone else seen him? Seriously now.”

Whats interesting here is that three separate people claim to have seen the same tape and all agreed that it must have been Dale Earnhardt gasing up at the station. While it is easy to discount one persons account of the events, it is a little bit harder to dissuade three people from thinking what they saw that day. It is also worth noting that the tape was played several times on the security cameras, which means they got a good look at him.

Of course i understand that this is just one user’s account of the events and he could very well be lying about it for a few minutes of internet fame, although i don’t understand why someone would want to be famous for finding Dale Earnhardt alive, but it is one of the better arguments in The Dale Earnhardt’s not dead conspiracy theories.

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