Five Reasons People Believe Dale Earnhardt Faked His Death In 2001

#4 delayed replay

Another thing that bothers some fans about the Dale Earnhardt’s untimely death was how long it took for The NASCAR on Fox crew to actually show the incident or cut to a live shot of Dale Earnhardt’s destroyed race car. Of course this is probably one of the more flawed arguments from conspiracy theorists, especially since it would be impossible for anyone to sneak Earnhardt out of the car in that amount of time, its still highly debated by theorists.

Again, for the conspiracy theorists to be right on this occasion, NASCAR officials would have had to sneak Earnhardt out of the track with thousands of fans looking on from the stands and more watching from the infield. It would have also had to have been kept away from the media officials, other NASCAR officials that weren’t in the know and anyone else who might be able to the expose what was really going on.

Absolutely crazy right?

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