Five Reasons NASCAR Will Never Regain Its Popularity With Fans

#1 Lack of personalities.

Drivers like Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney might have very endearing personalities that can drive the sport to new heights, but you’re only kidding yourself if think the two young guns can carry the sport on their own. In fact, almost every previous era of NASCAR was riddled with multiple stars that were able to captivate fans and make them viewers for life, which the current class of stars seem to have a problem being able to do.

Again, drivers like Elliott and Blaney are very dynamic personalities and very fun to watch both on the track and off the track, but they cant save NASCAR on their own. To achieve that monumental task and restore the sport to its rightful glory on top of the sports mountain, they need stars like William Byron, Alex Bowman, Daniel Suarez and others to be able to do their part as well.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, it seems like these personalities are struggling to break through both on and off the track, which could lead to another stagnation period for the sport. Who knows! Maybe theirs and others personalities will be able to shine in the coming months, especially with many veterans now retired, but they haven’t really given any indication of that being the case as of yet.



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