Five Reasons NASCAR Will Never Regain Its Popularity With Fans

#2 Not caring about the fans

Its pretty safe to say that NASCAR doesn’t care about the fans anymore and they honestly haven’t for quite some time not. Not only is that assessment evident by the way that NASCAR has made changes to formats and points systems that have only turned more and more fans away from the sport by the year, but also by the fact that a lot of the races nowadays are on channels that some fans don’t have access to.

While this might seem like a nitpick for some, i personally remember the days when races throughout the season were available to the fans on TNT, ESPN and Fox and fans didn’t need a special TV package in order to enjoy their favorite sport. With that being said, NASCAR has become a bit of nitch sport as of late, especially with dwindling attendance and ratings, but they should at least respect and cater to the fans they do have left.

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