Five Reasons NASCAR Will Never Regain Its Popularity With Fans

#4 The Changes.

Believe it or not, 2018 will mark the first time that NASCAR officials haven’t made any changes to the playoff system, points format or stage racing. Sure, NASCAR can still change these rules in later seasons and are probably just using 2018 as a test year to see what is going to stick and what isn’t, but this still marks the first time in a while that NASCAR is actually willing to wait and see what happens.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, this comes after four straight years of changes to the playoff system, the addition of stage racing and some of the weirdest pit road rules that NASCAR has ever seen and that’s what has been turning away NASCAR fans the most lately. Whether NASCAR can somehow bring back fans with the promise of no changes this year remains to be seen, but even if they do, how long until they change things again?

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