Five Reasons NASCAR Will Never Regain Its Popularity With Fans

#5 Exodus of stars

If there is one thing currently sending fans away from the sport in a hurry, its the fact that drivers like Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Dale Jr, Danica Patrick, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, Dale Jarrett, and countless others have left the sport in favor of retirement. Of course one would think this would pave the way for new stars to finally make a name for themselves, but its proven to be much more difficult then that.

In the end, the drivers listed above all held massive fan bases inside the sport of NASCAR and while none of them had quite the impact that Dale Jr’s had in 2017, they are still all huge losses to take one right after the other. In fact, with more and more stars leaving the sport then coming in, NASCAR might run into the problem of having too many stars leave without building up the future generation of talent.

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