Five Reasons Most NASCAR Fans Hate Danica Patrick

Her attitude problem

Its no secret that Danica Patrick had a bit of an attitude problem in certain situation and while it wasn’t that big of deal early on in her career, it became a huge one when she couldn’t back up her words or actions on the track. In fact, she was often the butt of many jokes for her ridiculous feuds and crashes.

Not only that, she also went off on a fan asking for an autograph at Pocono raceway in 2017, which despite seeming like a small incident, has shrouded the Indianapolis native in infamy for claiming that she wasn’t there to sign autographs. While she was certainly right that she wasn’t there to sign autographs, she certainly didn’t come across very well to die hard NASCAR fans.

In fact, it was probably the final nail in the coffin that ended her credibility and thus her marketability for good. Sure, that might seem a little mean given the dire performance situation she was in last season, but she should still have taken some of her time out for fan interaction or at least not have made that big of a deal about it!

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