Five Reasons Most NASCAR Fans Hate Danica Patrick

Using The Daytona 500 as a publicity stunt.

Believe it or not, everything else on this list that Danica Patrick did was forgivable. With that being said and her announcing that she would run The Daytona 500 without even having a ride yet, it seems very likely that she was simply using The Great American race as a publicity stunt. In fact, she wasn’t even a contender throughout Speedweeks and wrecked out of The 500 pretty early.

Of course a lot of other contenders fell out of the race pretty early as well, but Patrick didn’t seem as ate up about it as some of her other male counterparts were. In the end, she couldn’t even mention her Daytona 500 start during a Superbowl Godaddy commercial, which would have garnered the sport a little extra push heading into the season.

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