Five Reasons Most NASCAR Fans Hate Danica Patrick

The unrelenting hype

Another thing that made Danica Patrick one of the most despised drivers in NASCAR is the fact that the media continued to hype her up despite her shortcomings. Of course this quickly stopped when they finally realized that she wasn’t the competitive threat that they made her out that way and were only kidding themselves by carrying on the charade.

Maybe something like this would have been acceptable if she was actually the threat on the track that she was built up to be, but to waste valuable TV time on someone that barely was able to run in the top-15 is absolutely ridiculous. Not only that, their coverage of her ate up so much time that other drivers often got shafted.

Again, this doesn’t mean that she was bad for the sport or didn’t help it a tremendous amount, but the time they spent on her weekly in the beginning was unjustified and unbearable. I t was also a remember of how desperate NASCAR is to find something popular to latch onto and milk until its dry, which has been evident for years now with various drivers.

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