Five Reasons Most NASCAR Fans Hate Danica Patrick

Lackluster stats

Lets be honest here.

Stats are stats and Danica Patrick’s stat sheet in NASCAR looks absolutely disastrous and despite a few decent finishes, she was never really the contender that the media thought she would be. Of course that’s probably fans faults for believing all the hope that NASCAR prompted on top of this woman, but these stats are horrendous for anyone and definitely for someone with a top tier team.

Looking at a breakdown of Patrick’s stats over her five years in The Cup Series, she has 191 stars, zero wins, one top-fives, seven top-tens and a pole at Daytona. Those stats get even worse in The Xfinity Series, where Patrick has 61 starts, zero wins, one top-five, seven top-tens and drover for JR Motorsports for most of that period.

In the end, Patrick did not live up to her name and these stats unfortunately prove that. With that being said, she did have a positive impact off the track and played a hand in bringing more exposure to the sport then NASCAR ever thought possible, but that shouldn’t erase the fact that she was sub par at best on race day.

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