Five Reasons Most NASCAR Fans Hate Danica Patrick

Wrecking Dale Jr at Richmond.

Was it any surprise that this would end up as number one?

Dale Earnhardt Jr made headlines during the 2007 season when he announced that he would be leaving DEI to race for Hendrick Motorsports and the first question on everyone’s mind was whether he would win right away or not. Dale Jr tried week after to week to nab that elusive first win with Hendrick Motorsports, but remained unsuccessful in doing so.

Then came Richmond raceway, where Dale Jr was able to grab the lead in the final laps of the race, but was being chased down by Kyle Busch. Of course Busch ended up catching Jr and was ready to duke it out for the lead, but something else happening. Unfortunately for Busch, that something else would damn him in the eyes of so many NASCAR fans.

With that being said, Busch ended up getting into Dale Jr, which catapulted the 14 time most popular driver of the year into the outside wall. Jr came away with a lot of damage from the incident with Busch and was unable to continue to race for the win due to how damaged the car was and how little time there was.

What are your thoughts? Are these good reasons why Busch is hated in the eyes of so many NASCAR fans?  Let us know in the comments below and click here or the slide number to read five controversial changes that could save the sport of NASCAR!




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