Five Reasons Danica Patrick Must Be Removed As Host Of The ESPY Awards

#1 Publicity stunt.

Let’s be honest here.

Danica Patrick is nothing more then a sub par racer that capitalized on a few good opportunities and an excellent marketer. In fact, is she was anything more then that, she would have had a lot more success throughout her career and not haveĀ  retired at the point of her career that she ultimately did.

With that being said and her retirement tour seeming like a publicity stunt all in itself, it would make sense that Patrick is going to do what she knows how to do best and capitalize on the opportunity. Unfortunately for The ESPY’s who seem to be catering to an SJW sports crowd with this hosting decision, its not going to earn them a drip of publicity.

In the end, all its going to do is leave NASCAR, Indycar and The Espy awards feeling swindlied by sweetheart deal and regretful ofthe decision to choose money or actual talent.





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