Five Reasons Danica Patrick Must Be Removed As Host Of The ESPY Awards

#3 Overhyped.

If nothing else, the racing world has been lied to about Danica Patrick. While that might not be what fans of her want to hear, especially since she was the first women in a decade to compete full time in The Cup Series, but she absolutely never lived up to the expectations that were set for her and that will always haunt her.

Another thing that will definitely haunt her is the fact that she had top grade equipment in both Indycar and NASCAR, but still somehow managed to be more of a marketing ploy then anything else. That’s not to say that Patrick didn’t have some good finishes in both racing disciplines, but they were far overshadowed by what she couldn’t do.

With that being said, the hype became way to much for her and she seemed to chock under pressure time after time. Either that, or she never really had the potential to be competitive in NASCAR anyway, which could be another strong possibility.

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